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Click below for Journeys online student resources:

Student Decodable Book

Student Decodable Book - Audible Version

Student Workbook

Journeys Leveled Readers

When clicking on the Journeys leveled readers, please take the following into consideration:

GREEN CIRCLE leveled readers are below level Kindergarten level (a great place to start!)

PURPLE TRIANGLE readers are on level Kindergarten level (a great goal to accomplish!)

BLUE SQUARE readers are above Kindergarten level (an extra challenge if you are up to it!)

Each week, our goal is that your child will be able to read the decodable readers, the green circle readers, and the purple triangle readers fluently. If you find your child can fluently read all of this material, you may try the blue square reader as a challenge, but this is not expected. Each week, make sure that your child can fluently read a story before progressing on to the next one. Reading fluently means that they can read it easily without making any mistakes. In order to read fluently, your child may need to read a story more than once......which is completely acceptable!