Bohemia Elementary School

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Homework Policy

We understand the importance of spending time with your family after school and we value that special time while they are still young. For homework, we ask that you spend some of this valuable time reading with your child. This could be done in a variety of ways that best fits your family's schedules; therefore, please choose the best time every night to read with your child. In your child's folder will be a Read at Home Calendar that you will fill out each night and initial. These calendars are due each month and incentives will be given to reward students for certain milestones reached in our school's Read at Home Program.
To supplement our Read at Home program, your child will bring home a Read Every Day folder with books at your child's current reading level. We send this home to give your child extra practice with the material we are learning in the classroom, as well as, build their confidence as they become fluent readers! Please make sure your child reads the enclosed books at least 2 times each week to help build fluency and return the folder each day. On Fridays, students will be assessed to see if they can fluently read (read with accuracy and speed) the enclosed books. If they are successful in this task, new books will be put in their folders for the following week. Please make sure to add any time your child is reading these books to the Read at Home Calendar! We want to make sure your child gets recognition for all of the time they spend reading at home!
Thank you for being Parents as Partners in your child's reading program!