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Dear Room 20 Families,
Welcome to a new school year. This is our Room 20 website. Please visit often to get updates and information about what is happening at Bohemia and what we are learning in our classroom. You will also find links to educational resources for your child. I am so excited about the growing and learning Room 20 will do together this year!

Mrs. Middleton

Recent Posts

Journeys Online Readers Lesson #12

For the week of January 14-18, please have your child access the Journeys Lesson #12 readers directly from our Journeys page on our website (or click below).
Lesson #12 Titles:
  1. Decodables Unit 3
    1. Scratch Chomp p. 27
    2. Rich Gets a Dog p. 33
    3. Champs p. 39
    4. Kits, Chicks, and Pups p. 45
  2. Leveled Readers
    1. green circle: Giraffe's Neck; for additional practice at this level, read Spots 
    2. purple triangle: Bear's Tail
    3. blue square: Peacock's Tail

PAX Leader Information

Dear Room 20 Families,
Today, your child should have brought home a PAX leader application. The front outlines the procedure for becoming a PAX leader and the back is the application.  Your child is invited to fill out the application if they are interested in working toward becoming a PAX leader, they are not required to do so. A PAX leader is a student who consistently shows responsible, respectful, and safe behavior daily. PAX leaders are expected to show these behaviors at home and at school. PAX leaders earn privileges such as going first to lunch or recess.  They are also the first ones chosen for any special jobs or responsibilities.  In order to remain a PAX leader, they must continue to show responsible, respectful, and safe behavior. A PAX leader can be taken away for a day, a week, or an extended amount of time as a result of unexpected behavior choices.

As with every goal, I approach becoming a PAX leader with a growth mindset attitude. Some students are ready to be PAX leaders right now while some students may have one or more areas that they will need to improve.  My hope is that you and your child will fill out the application together, encouraging your child to be reflective and honest about their behavior choices.  I think that it can be a powerful tool for talking with your children about their behavior and an opportunity to recognize their efforts and set goals for areas that may need improvement.  This can provide a nice motivation for goal setting at home if there is a behavior that you are trying to target for improvement.  Again, I am approaching this with a "growth mindset". If your child is not ready to be a PAX leader at this time, they can work toward it later in the year or even next year.

When their application is returned, I will speak with each of them and give them my feedback about what I observe at school in regards to their behavior. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding what it means to be a PAX leader.

Thank you,

Dear Room 20 Families,
Our classroom brought in the most food for all of South Lane School District which means that the students earned a fire truck ride AND ice cream social at the Fire Station on January 22nd from 1:00-2:00. Families are welcome to join us and I will take lots of pictures.  A special thank you to Carlos's Mom Brittney who worked so hard to help us earn this amazing experience!

Journeys Online Readers Lesson #11

For the week of January 8-11, please have your child access the Journeys Lesson #11 readers directly from our Journeys page on our website (or click below).
Lesson #11 Titles:
  1. Decodables Unit 3
    1. Seth and Beth p. 3
    2. Zeb Yak p. 9
    3. The Duck Nest p. 15
    4. Animal Moms p. 21
  2. Leveled Readers
    1. green circle: In the Sea; for additional practice at this level, read Shark 
    2. purple triangle: Coral Reefs
    3. blue square: The Amazing Octopus

This week will be a review week.  We won't have any new words or stories to practice.  Please still have your child read and record minutes on the December reading log for this week and throughout winter break. Attached is also a fun winter break bingo sheet that your child can do over the break. A hard copy will also be attached to this week's newsletter. Any students who return winning bingo sheets after winter break will receive Dojo tickets. Happiest of Holidays!