Bohemia Elementary School

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Bus Schedule Changes!

Due to overcrowding on the buses, we are changing our afternoon routes (after school)
Please note the bus will be heading out of town, and riders will get off on the north side of the road.
Please contact the South Lane School District Transportation Department at (541) 942-2803 if you have any questions.
Route 38 PM - Effective Monday, November 6, 2017
2:35 - Pick up at Bohemia School
2:45 - North J St. and West Main St - Between J St. and K St.
2:46 - North M St. and West Main St. - Between L St. and M St.
2:47 - North O St. and West Main St. - Between N St. and O St.
2:48 - North P St. and West Main St. - Between O St. and P St.